3 Reasons to Travel NOW!
A park I stumbled upon in Dehli

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

– Helen Keller


People often ask me why I travel so much and why I travel alone. It is hard to pinpoint because it seems so inherent to my truest nature. Exploration, not only of the physical, but of my mind and soul as well. There are now studies coming out of the health benefits of travel! It is a wonderful time to be alive and roaming around this world is easier than ever. So, here is my top 3 list of why travel:

  1. Spontaneity to reignite creativity: When you travel you are thrown into new scenarios and stimulis forcing your brain to sharpen up. New environments and experiences force increased cognitive stimulation in your brain! By immersing and adapting yourself in a new culture you can’t help but feel your creative juices start flowing. Spontaneity isn’t reckless; you can carefully feed your soul through travel.
  2. Shift of perception: Over time in our day to day lives we like to form our habits, our opinions and long-held beliefs as our identity. We use quite a bit of energy holding onto our identity. When you travel, you expand your inner world creating more space for alternative ways of being. I know I have had major life view shifts from being uncomfortable, watching how others live and accepting how small I really am. 
  3. Connecting to Yourself and Others: I have a love/hate relationship with all the time I spend by myself when I travel. I am forced to hang out with myself, even the dark side of myself, for hours on end. But it is cool to even have that opportunity in this modern age of non-stop busyness. Also, when you get out there in the world you find yourself seeking the companionship with other travelers- which, to me, is the truest expression of travel. I have learned that we are all so different, but so much more so the same. The same desires, pain, love for life, dreams and goals. To realize the human-ness of another, the realness, is an enriching and profound experience.

I know when I am feeling a little stagnant and taking my current environment for granted it is time for me to go hit the dusty trail. To be fully alive and fully embodied in a new mysterious adventure. It’s even better when you can add in some fitness with other badass travelers! 

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You just never know who you will meet!

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