The rarely visited petroglyphs, hidden in the Mexican jungle (think Indiana Jones), are a 15 minute ride away. We will then hike up to see the mysterious drawings and diving pools of the 2000 year old indigenous tribe. Another hike we will partake will bring us up the mango grove mountain overlooking Chacala bay. The vista is unreal.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

We will rise before the sun and quietly paddle out of Chacalia bay to catch a glimpse of the rising sun over the palms. If we are lucky some turtles, stingrays and whales will join us on our paddle! We will paddle into Chacala village proper (about 2 miles) to grab a coffee and chilaquiles.


Our snorkeling will go hand in hand with our adventure to the secret beach.


Our kayak adventure will take us to a secret location. That is all you need to know.

Beach WOD

Our beach workouts will focus on using the all beach elements. Swimming, logs, coconuts, sand bags and low hanging branches will be thrown into the mix. Let’s get sandy and sweaty!

Temazcal Ceremony

A type of sweat lodge that originated from the ancient Nahuatl indigenous peoples of the Nayarit area. Temazcal means “house of heat." This ceremony, taking place just down the beach at the stunning Mar de Jade, will leave you feeling refreshed in mind, body and spirit.


For the more experienced rider (can comfortably stand, maneuver the board, and fall flat) we will take a dingy boat to the famous point break of Las Caletas. This is Emily Abbott’s favourite surfing spot in the whole world!

Salsa-making lessons

Our brilliant Chef Ceci, will teach those interested how to make authentic salsa and guacamole using the freshest ingredients from the local markets. This is a perfect way to get some down time and feed yourself!


Part of a good adventure is rest and recuperation! There will be time to book a massage with a highly trained licenced professional from Puerto Vallarta to show your body some TLC. Listen to the gentle breeze and the ocean waves while you relax. Sounds heavenly.


We will head to the town of Chacala for a taste of the local musicians at Chac Mool….and a taste of the local margaritas! Who is ready to shake what their Mama gave them?