The Chill Vibes of Casa Juanita
Enter through the Garden Gate to see what delights await!

I have been heading down to Chacala, Mexico for 10 years for cold weather reprieve. And every time I come down here I immediately shed all my worries, schedules, to-do lists and chill the fuck out. I can hang with locals, surf, workout and explore the local landscape. Every time I come I discover a hidden treasure within Chacala.

I wanted to paint the picture of what our accommodation will be like on our Abbott the Red Adventures in April.

This particular villa is a one of a kind outdoor living villa and is a hidden gem in the jungle with stunning ocean views.

The rolling lawn provides ample space to lounge, workout, sunbathe, play drinking games or splash around in the pool. I can’t wait to see 15-20 of us doing a mobility session in the morning sprawled out across the dewy, green grass.

The massive lawn and palapa of Casa Juanita.

What is under the palapa (a thatched roof made of palm leaves) is what is truly magical. After a day of romping about in the sun and ocean, the palapa offers an upscale hippie-style chill out zone where you can still be immersed in mother nature; listening to the sounds of the jungle, the ocean below and watching the pinky-orange sunset with a cold brew in hand.

This sunset under the palapa
The swaying stars lamps

The light ocean wind sways the star lamps overhead as you smell the delicious food being cooked in the cocina (kitchen) just up the steps by our local chef. The music is on, we are chilling with friends and talking about our amazing adventures of that day. It is too sweet!

The pool and eating area

After a few beers, maybe a few tequila’s and some dancing (hopefully on tables) you will want to perhaps have a cheeky dip in the pool- or head down the jungle through the cobble stone path to the ocean for a midnight swim.

Your room is right across the lawn where you can turn on the A/C and have a hot shower along with damn good wifi- not that you will want to be on your phone in this magical place! Crash into bed and we start again the next day.

Your quiet, clean, cool room…

Casa Juanita villa is a very special spot in the world surrounded by beaches, ancient petroglyphs, mango farm land and mountains. It is the coolest place I have been to date!

See you Mexicoooooooo!


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